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Whitney Port was spotted doing some shopping at West Elm in West Hollywood, California on February 7, 2013

WP00000SILKECUT.jpg WP00000SILKECUT_02.jpg WP00000SILKECUT_03.jpg WP00000SILKECUT_04.jpg WP00000SILKECUT_05.jpg

Candids > 2013 > Shopping at West Elm in West Hollywood – February 7, 2013

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POSTED ON: 02.13.2013

Whitney was spotted out in LA on November 18, 2012.

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Candids > 2012 > Out In LA – November 18, 2012

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POSTED ON: 11.20.2012

Whitney Port shows off a rocker look while out and about in Los Angeles, CA on October 23rd, 2012.

Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BRocker2BChic2B4sgqXOWXzz3l.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BRocker2BChic2B7IyP5ZwjR1fl.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BRocker2BChic2B9Tt_SIOamI_l.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BRocker2BChic2Ba47jPGD6WEDl.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BRocker2BChic2BbB2zuPjf5jyl.jpeg

Candids > 2012 > Out in Los Angeles – October 23, 2012

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POSTED ON: 10.24.2012

Whitney Port was seen wearing some studded high heeled shoes while leaving with friends from the Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Hollywood, LA.

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Candids > 2012 > Leaving Bootsy Bellows, Los Angeles – October 13, 2012

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POSTED ON: 10.15.2012

Whitney Port was spotted in Brentwood, California before getting her nails done and stopping of at a tanning salon October 13, 2012.

Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BGets2BNails2BDone2B-z8EPnTmf3Ul.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BGets2BNails2BDone2B0qAcmsZXvRml.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BGets2BNails2BDone2B4NBOeaDf96Ql.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BGets2BNails2BDone2B6Lw-68NtvQNl.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BGets2BNails2BDone2B8wysirhYZEll.jpeg

Candids > 2012 > Out In Brentwood, California – October 13, 2012

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POSTED ON: 10.14.2012

Whitney Port wears a galaxy print maxi dress as she makes some funny faces while retuning to her car in Brentwood.

Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BWalks2BAround2BLA2B1QJjuSDaF2rl.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BWalks2BAround2BLA2B2HNmBIywNvDl.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BWalks2BAround2BLA2B6TNY7wA1oyxl.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BWalks2BAround2BLA2B7_FXKjtLFnQl.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BWhitney2BPort2BWalks2BAround2BLA2B8FCVsAe_du5l.jpeg

Candids > 2012 > Walking Aroung in LA – August 16, 2012

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POSTED ON: 08.17.2012

Whitney Port was seen smiling for photographers while leaving popular celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont in Hollywood on July, 26.

Whitney2BPort2BFormer2Bstar2BHills2BWhitney2BPort2B6go84m_UwXYl.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BFormer2Bstar2BHills2BWhitney2BPort2B85LI3WJ1_rUl.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BFormer2Bstar2BHills2BWhitney2BPort2BgFxuk5ssBnel.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BFormer2Bstar2BHills2BWhitney2BPort2BjbYsN6CThL9l.jpeg Whitney2BPort2BFormer2Bstar2BHills2BWhitney2BPort2BOAW0_7oeCBIl.jpeg

Candids > 2012 > Leaving Chateau Marmont, Hollywood – July 26, 2012

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POSTED ON: 07.29.2012

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